Sell Your Home With Confidence

    • Would you like to

sell your home

    •  quickly? How would you like to

get full price

    • ? Would you also like to

avoid steep commissions

    •  and ridiculous junk fees while your at it? …Well, you’ve come to the right place.


    • Our team specializes in finding highly motivated buyers who wish to own a home and for one reason or another have not been able to. Our Rent-to-Own program has been designed to assist these buyers overcome whatever obstacles or challenges have stood in their way.
    • We can help you sell faster and for more money. We do this by matching you up with a tenant-buyer who will lease your home for a specified period of time as they complete our program and ultimately qualify for a loan to purchase.
    • Typically this process takes between 6 to 18 months.

More reasons why Sellers like working with us…

      • Costs nothing to have us advertise and find a Qualified Tenant-Buyer that you approve of.
        • Sellers get full asking price for their homes (our fees paid by the tenant-buyer)
        • Sellers can still sell or rent their home on their own (without fees or penalties)
        • Our Marketing (listing) Agreement is NON-EXCLUSIVE, meaning that you can cancel at any time.
        • If we don’t find a Tenant-Buyer the seller owes nothing.
        • Alleviates burden of making out-of-pocket monthly mortgage payments.
        • Our Tenant-Buyers are pre-screened for our program (must be able to buy within 6-24 months).
        • Tenant-Buyers are responsible for repairs to the home during Rent-to-Own period.
        • Seller retains all of the tax benefits of owning (mortgage interest, depreciation etc).
        • Sellers see our program as a great alternative to selling at a deep discount in order to compete with foreclosures and short-sales.
        • We make the process easy for both the buyer and seller.

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