Work With Us and Discover the Secret Model That Makes $1,000,000 Net-Worth Achievable in under 5 Years Without Credit or Huge Savings…

Discover how to Get Ownership WITHOUT Risking Your Credit, Your Savings or Dealing with Tenants.

Why is Real Estate the best vehicle to wealth? Its because of these 5 wealth creation benefits…

What are the Wealth Building Components of Real Estate:

  1. Cash Flow
  2. Capital Gains – Buy Low and Sell for Profit
  3. Equity Build-Up – Due to Loan Pay down
  4. Equity Build-Up – Due to Appreciation
  5. Tax Savings – Depreciation as per IRS 167

Will you ever be free if you fix or flip? NO!

Building wealth from wholesaling  Flips and Fix and Flips is nearly impossible. It will give you 1 out of the 5 above wealth building components when you buy low and sell high for a profit the result will be a capital gain Short term capital gains will be taxed as Ordinary Income. This means you end up paying more in taxes then you would have if you had held longer then a year.

As for our method of buying and selling real estate you will have all 5 of the Wealth Building Components that come along with Ownership.

Work With Us and Discover the Secret Model That Makes ,000,000 Net-Worth Achievable in under 5 Years Without Credit or Huge Savings...
Real Estate Investing Knowledge

The question you need to answer is: “How soon would you like to be financially free?” You probably answered that you would like to be sooner than later. Then why would you do “work” once and get pad one time, when you could be getting paid five times for the same effort?

Using our strategy, not only do you get paid five times for the same effort you will enjoy better tax treatment as well. Do you ever have deals that come in that don’t immediately fit your criteria? Then Contact me. If the seller is motivated and it has a little equity then we will help you try to make some money with it.

Contact us today and lets talk about how you could learn and start implementing all 5 Wealth Building Components while allowing you unlimited funding and profits from ownership without credit, savings, or tenants hassles.

Work With Us and Discover the Secret Model That Makes ,000,000 Net-Worth Achievable in under 5 Years Without Credit or Huge Savings...
Wholesaling Real Estate

Being a wholesaler and a flipper is tough in Utah. Finding big discounted properties requires a lot of marketing and time for small profits that will be taxed as ordinary income and you receive no cash flow. The problem with it is that it will take you longer to make money wholesaling than it will with other strategies. Why? Because in order to be able to wholesale a property, you need to contract it at 50-60% of its After Repaired Value (ARV). If you acquire the property low enough you wont be able to find a buyer.

Its easier to get a seller to agree to a 10-20% discount then a 50% discount.

Sell your house to me! I buy houses all over Utah in Salt Lake County and Utah County area in any condition or no matter how skinny the discount. Don’t worry about repairing it, I buy houses as is. If your house has been vacant for a while you don’t have to worry anymore. In a matter of days you can have your house sold and cash in your hand.

Call us now or text us and you will be contacted within 24 hours. Don’t wait around! Get your house sold today!

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